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  • Evgenia Ermilova is a professional artist-colourist with academic art education.

  • Evgenia Ermilova is the author of the technique of sculptural painting - the original technique of making volumetric flowers from special plaster with pallet knives;

  • Evgenia is a professional art coach. She has trained more than 5000 artists from different countries from 2018;

  • Evgenia sells her paintings in international online galleries. Artwork prices reach $ 3,000

  • Evgenia is a member of the international union of artists - "Eurasian Art Union" - which unites artists from all over Eurasia. Only a high-class professional artist can become a member of this art union.

  • Evgenia is the owner of Evgenia Ermilova™, a trademark of materials for artists. Our brand materials exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.


Want to expand your creativity and learn a new hobby? Sculptural painting is great for this. No painting or drawing skills required.


Learning sculptural painting will allow you to create beautiful three-dimensional paintings, clocks, mirrors and other interior items for sale.


Enrolling Evgenia's online course is a great opportunity not only to master a new trend in contemporary art, but also to become a professional in it and start teaching others.

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How is the learning process

On the course "VIP Club. Sculptural painting"

  • After payment, you will receive an automatic email with access to the educational platform. Training can be taken on the website or in the Getcourse mobile app.

  • Lessons are ordered from simple to complex and represent a holistic learning system that guarantees a positive result. Lessons can only be taken in the prescribed order, since without fully understanding the material of the previous lesson, it is impossible to achieve positive results in the next. The lessons contain detailed videos, texts, diagrams, life hacks, and analysis of mistakes.

  • At the end of each practical lesson there is a mandatory homework assignment, without which it is impossible to get access to the next lesson for a "good" or "excellent" grade. You need not just to watch the video, but to make an actual artwork according to the topic of the lesson, take a photo or video of the result, post it on Google drive and send us a link.

  • Homework is personally checked by Evgenia Ermilova. We do not have hired curators. This way we guarantee that the learning outcome will be positive.

Module 1. Getting Started

4 lessons

You will get theoretical knowledge, necesary to start the work


9 lessons

Surface decorating, use of various techniques. Backgrounds, embossed ornaments, stencil work


As a result, you will learn how to draw freehand monochrome and color volumetric ornaments with Reliefka paste, how to work with a stencil, master 7 different ways to decorate backgrounds, including how to imitate a wooden and concrete surface with acrylic pastes.


8 lessons

We study the basic elements and techniques used in sculptural painting.


You will study in as much detail as possible all the basic techniques of sculptural painting, without knowledge and understanding of which it is impossible to create a beautiful and neat three-dimensional image. We will also analyze the possible mistakes that beginners make when working.


4 lessons

We study flowers with simple structure, such as chamomile, hydrangea (hortensia), clematis, rosehip.


As a result, you will learn how to create the simplest flowers and work out various balosa elements of the "sculptural painting" technique on them.

Module 5. FLOWERS

12 Lessons

We study flowers:

Poppy, Iris, Magnolia, Orchid, Lotus, Bird on an apple tree, Ranunculus, Peony, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Hybrid tea rose, Tree peony

As a result, you will master the technique of creating three-dimensional flowers, practice all the basic techniques of sculptural painting, create 12 ready-made panels 30x30 cm with the following flowers: Poppy, Iris, Magnolia, Orchid, Lotus, Bird on an apple tree, Ranunculus, Peony, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Hybrid tea rose, tree peony. All vehicle changes since 2018 have been added. Not a single lesson repeats the 2018 course.

Panels 30 by 30 cm that you will create as homework for this module:


6 lessons

Varnishing, processing of the back side, attaching suspensions, photographing the finished work, packaging and shipping to the buyer.


Making author's jewelry from textured acrylic paste using the "sculptural painting" technique. We will create a ring, brooch and earrings with flowers using the technique of sculptural painting

Module 8. Practice. We create complex works of art and art objects. Becoming a professional artist under the guidance of Evgenia Ermilova

You will work individually with Evgenia Ermilova, who will give you personal tasks to create art objects. All communication will be carried out through personal correspondence in Telegram. Evgenia will be able to answer any questions about the technique of sculptural painting, and will personally interact with you at all stages of performing practical tasks.

As a result of this module, you will create at least four unique paintings and one piece of furniture under the personal supervision of Evgenia Ermilova.

In a short time, under the personal guidance of a famous artist, you will master the knowledge that students of art universities spend at least 5 years studying!

So, what are we going to do in practical classes:

◾️1. Intuitive creation of a flower of any shape and angle. We will learn how to create flowers not according to the scheme, but to act intuitively, on our own, we will understand the principle of how to create any flower from a photograph. As a result, we will create a picture with unique colors from a randomly selected photo.

◾️2. Intuitive work with color. We will independently select a color palette for the future picture, work out the creation of harmonious color combinations, learn how to select material for the range we need. We will create an exclusive panel with a unique color scheme.

◾️3. Create a painting with a complex composition consisting of several three-dimensional elements (flowers, birds, butterflies, etc.). In this practical task, we will work out the skills of arranging different elements in the picture, in fact, having mastered the composition at a professional level.

◾️ Create a unique interior decor item, for example, a wall clock, with decor using the "Sculptural Painting" technique and all the knowledge gained

Module 9. Artist's Certification

◾️Get valuable knowledge on promoting, photographing, determining the cost of work.

◾️ Find out how to deliver your artworks to local and foreign clients

◾️ Create a professional artist profile under our guidance on your chosen social network or online gallery.

◾️Final examination project. You will receive an actual client's order to create a complex work (painting or other object) for any real-life interior and will create it under Evgenia's control. Then, you will independently take high-quality photographs of the work, choose a title, write a description for social media or online galleries. Correctly determine the cost of your work. Publish it in the selected social media or online gallery. You will present your project in the Telegram group in the mastermind format. This will give you the opportunity to feel like a real artist who has been commissioned to work, teach you how to work with a customer and deal with criticism.
This module is designed for up to several months of hard work together with Evgenia. You communicate with her not within the training platform, but in person in messengers.


Do you want to teach others? Learn how to teach sculpture painting to adults and children. Master the system of conducting master classes for groups of up to 15 people, which Evgenia Ermilova personally developed, implemented and proved effective at numerous master classes in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Estonia, Germany.

The content of the module is available to everyone who has purchased the Full Program but it is not obligatory. It is for you only if you are serious about working in this field, want to become a Certified Teacher, and a partner of our School and earn money on teaching sculptural painting. Evgenia will work with you personally, preparing you for a master class. You will also have a personal mentorship by a certified sales expert, the Head of the Sales Department of our School - Daria Makarova, whose task is to help you find your first students and achieve commercial success in this field. Our task is not just to teach you, but to make you start earning on your favorite hobby.

Become a certified teacher

If you have perfectly completed the learning full program and have passed the final examination, you get the opportunity to become a Certified Teacher of Evgenia Ermilova's School.

This title speaks of your highest professionalism in sculptural painting, as well as the fact that you can teach others this art at offline master classes using our brand and giving your students certificates of Evgenia Ermilova's School.

This certificate guarantees that clients will prefer you to other teachers.

We will help you with marketing and development, as well as involve you in our online projects.

Our Certified teachers must use only the materials of Evgenia Ermilova TM

Why can we guarantee high quality education?

Evgenia Ermilova is not only a professional certified artist-colorist, but also an internationally renowned art coach who uses the principles and technologies of the Russian Academic School of Art Education in her work.

Russia is known for its traditions of academic art education, which has been brought to perfection. In fact, in every district of any city and even a village in a rural area, there is a state art school in which children study art in addition with general education. The best graduates of art schools continue their studies at state art universities. Thus, objectively, the Russian system of art education is the best in the world.

<p>Evgenia Ermilova in her studio</p>

Evgenia Ermilova in her studio

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Sculpture painting course for beginners, written in 2018. There are eight modules in the course - the basics of sculptural painting, simple flowers, poppy, iris, orchid, rose, peony, creating clocks in the technique of sculptural painting. The program of this course is much less intense, so it is suitable for you if you want to learn the basic principles of sculptural painting for a hobby. Both a monthly plan and a full plan are available. You can also purchase some course modules separately.

From $49 

This course is for those who want to try their hand at sculptural painting.

In this mini-course, consisting of simple video tutorials, you will learn everything about materials and tools, as well as make a small panel with Chamomile flowers, which is shown in the photo.


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